MacBook Pro 16-inch Review: Is the latest Apple Laptop Worth Buying?

    MacBook Pro 16-inch Review Is the latest Apple Laptop Worth Buying

    Apple MacBook Pro 16-inch is the latest lightweight work laptop from the Cupertino based tech giant. Every mac user is having a tough time deciding whether they should buy the 2019 MacBook Pro or not. While there are so many 16-inch MacBook Pro reviews online, hardly anyone helps in deciding whether to purchase the laptop or not?

    Here is an in-depth MacBook Pro 16-inch review which will give you a conclusion whether the latest Apple laptop is worth buying or should you wait for future upgrades. Apple is planning to introduce a new series of MacBooks in 2020 and hence waiting for few months could be a viable option.

    Apple MacBook Pro 16-inch Review

    Apple MacBook Pro 16-inch Review

    Apple has played very safe with the latest MacBook Pro 16-inch model and tried to rectify all the errors and issues the previous devices were facing. The much problematic butterfly keyboard is now replaced with the magic keyboard and you actually feel when you a press and along with that Esc key is also back.

    Apple has changed the thermal architecture for MacBook Pro which has resulted for a 28 percent increase in airflow and hence the heating problem is also solved. The 16-inch MacBook Pro has a 3,072 x 1,920 resolution LCD display which is perfectly visible even in the sunlight. Battery life is good for simpler tasks and can last the whole day but for extensive work, it drops down very quickly.

    At the same time, MacBook Pro 16-inch has no webcam update, no Face ID, SD card slot or a USB-A slot. In conclusion, Apple is offering nothing new with the latest 2019 model of MacBook Pro and it has only resolved some of the previous issues.

    Apple will Have Better MacBook Pro Upgrades in 2020

    Apple will Have Better MacBook Pro Upgrades in 2020 

    Apple MacBook Pro 16-inch price for base configuration model is $2,399 and it can go as high as $6,099 for the 8 TB storage variant. There is no point in spending a high amount and purchasing the same old MacBook Pro. It would be much smarter to wait for a few months when Apple will release a new series of MacBooks with mini-LED display technology and other improvements. Even the windows laptops are a much better and cheaper alternative for the MacBook Pro.


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