Lucifer season 5 update and rumours

Fans of Lucifer were disappointed last year when the show was cancelled by Fox after only three seasons. However, they did not give up hope and kept campaigning to bring back their favourite characters. Their efforts paid off when the show was picked by the online streaming giant, Netflix.

The result was the 4th season of the show which was just released on Netflix a few months ago. The previous seasons were also added at the beginning of the year. Viewers can watch season 1-3 at a variety of platforms, but season 4 was launched on Netflix exclusively.

When was it renewed

The latest was released on May 8, but the fifth season was given a green light even before the launch. Just a day earlier, on May 7, Netflix had renewed the show for its fifth run. The news left the fans overjoyed, but there is a twist.

Netflix has said that the fifth season will also be the last one when it comes to the journey of the devil. A spokesperson for Netflix has said that although they are thrilled that the show has received such a massive following all over the world, they are also happy that the show is getting its proper ending.

What we know so far

The filming for the last season has not begun just yet. The main plot point must be ready by now. Rumours have also suggested that the very first scene of this season has already been written.

The last episode of season 4 ended with Lucifer and Chloe confessing their love for each other and Lucifer returning to hell to contain the demons that have spilled into Los Angeles. The fifth season will reveal what happens next.

Lucifer also told Chloe that Eve was never his first love. Although it took Chloe the entire season to come to terms with the other side of Lucifer, she finally accepted him, It is understandable why Eve was introduced in this season. In order for Chloe to come to terms with her feelings for Lucifer, she needed to see him with another woman.

The final episode ended when Lucifer had to say goodbye to Chloe in order to return to hell. He had to do this because the demons were threatening everything he loved in LA, including Chloe.

What to expect from season 5?

Lucifer season 5 release dateThe 4th season also depicted how Eve is regretful of her actions and wants to make amends. It is highly possible that she will return next season though, although she is gone for now.

For Lucifer to return to Earth this time, he will have to do more than what he did before. He will have to find a replacement for himself before he can convince God to let him come back to Chloe. Speculations have suggested that Lucifer may ask one of his siblings to take over. Or maybe a new character will be added in the form of Lilith, Adam’s first wife, who can return with Eve to rule over hell.

But these are all speculations. We will know for certain what will happen next as the release of season 5 draws close.

For now, you can catch the first 4 seasons on Netflix.