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Lucifer Season 4: Major plot-line speculations and rumours

Lucifer Season 4 poster release

Lucifer Season 4 was in trouble for a short time period of time when the show was cancelled, but an appeal by Tom Ellis on Twitter resulted in the series being picked up by the online streaming giant Netflix, and now we are close to seeing the fourth season premiere on May 8.

Lucifer and Chloe will get intimate

Lucifer season 4: Lucifer and Chloe get togetherIn a recent interview, the cast revealed several details about what we can expect in the upcoming installment of Lucifer. It seems that despite Lucifer showing his true face to Chloe, the two are still going to go ahead with their romantic relationship.

Moreover, sex may not be completely off the table for the duo. Lauren German, who plays Chloe, told the interviewers that the couple will experience moments of intimacy despite what we saw in the season finale of the last installment. It appears that Chloe is confused about the situation and fans will be able to see that.

Lucifer Season 4: Eve is going to be a nightmare

lucifer season 4: Eve is a manipulative schemerOn the other hand is the matter of Eve, played by Inbar Lavi. Sources revealed that she will be every feminists’ worst nightmare. She will be the epitome of all the stereotypically bad traits; being a manipulative liar and schemer.

Catch the first episode of Lucifer Season 4 on Netflix on May 8.

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