The Loki TV series is all set for launch on Disney+. As we now know, Disney is coming up with its own streaming platform, Disney+. All the Marvel movies and shows are going to be broadcasted there. We have known for quite some time that Tom Hiddleston is going to play the role of Loki in this new Loki TV series.

But, there is an unanswered question lurking in the air. How is Loki going to return in this series if he was already killed off in Avengers: Infinity War?

What is the relation between Avengers Endgame and the Loki TV series

Not to worry. Avengers Endgame has thrown some light onto this subject. And it comes with a twist.

If you remember properly, Loki appears for a short period of time in Avengers: Endgame. It is when Stark, Steve, Bruce and Scott go on their ‘time heist’ to New York. We see them back in action in the 2012 Avengers movie. There was a scene where the old Tony gets a heart attack and Hulk starts smashing stuff because he had to climb down the stairs. And somehow the briefcase containing the Tesseract/Space stone slides to Loki’s feet. He quickly grabs it and uses it to teleport somewhere else. Hence, Loki is in the wind and is perfect condition to star in his own Loki TV series.

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So, that’s the theory. Also, Avengers: Endgame never tied the loose end to Loki’s death. So, we have a loose Loki on the run. So, what can we expect from the series?

The Loki TV series: we have a loose Loki on the run

What can we expect from the series?

We should not forget that by the time Loki was killed in Infinity War, the future Loki had gone through a lot of character development. He teamed up with his brother, Thor in The Dark World and Ragnarok. Loki also ruled over Asgard for quite some time disguised as Odin.  And ultimately in Infinity War, we even see him willing to risk his life for his brother. But, Endgame doesn’t add to any of it. So, he is more evil and selfish. And this would build up a great contrast if gets to learn about his later growth.

What can we expect from the Loki TV series?

But, all of this is possible if Loki in involved with the wider MCU. Many instances from Endgame make it clear that if they materially alter the past, things would get divided among parallel realities. And now that Loki has taken the Space Stone, we can assume that he is off to some completely different reality.

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