Live Action 'Kingdom' Movie tickets

The highly anticipated live-action Kingdom movie is here and has already sold 506,861 tickets in just three days since the release. The origin of Kingdom is from Japan and is written by Yasuhisa Hara. The manga shows the events that took place during the historic era of Seven states in China.

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Live Action 'Kingdom' Movie- Ticket sales

Combined, the Kingdom live-action film has earned over $690 million yen in a matter of just three days, which is almost equal to the amount earned by Boruto live-action film in three days. Boruto is also the highest grossing film in the entire Naruto franchise.

Kingdom Manga Plot

Kingdom Manga Plot

Piao and Xin are born in ancient China during the period of Warring States. Both are war orphans living in a kingdom called Qin. Both have a dream of one day become Great Generals of the Heavens, and rise from their poor condition and lowlife. However, one day, a minister takes Piao to parlance for reasons unknown. This leaves Xin alone in the village as a slave. Months later, we see Piao coming back to the village almost dead, asking Xin to go the other village. When Xin reaches there, he comes across a boy who looks like Piao. He’s named Yin Zheng who’s the king of the kingdom of Qin. Xin got to know that Piao used to serve as a body double for Ying Zheng as he got wounded mortally during a power struggle for kingdom’s throne.

Xin is initially angry at Yin Zheng for causing the death of Piao, Xin seizes the moment by joining hands with Ying Zheng in his battle against his brother by reclaiming the kingdom of Qin. Xin is successful at this and starts his life as a commander in the Qin army on battlefields of Warring States. He has a goal to become the greatest General the world has ever seen and he helps King Zheng in achieving his dream of unification of kingdom and an end to the warfare.