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Kingdom Chapter 596 spoilers and release date: Chougaryuu gets executed

Kingdom Chapter 596

Most of the Chougaryuu’s army has been killed by the Hi Shin unit in Kingdom. While Shousa is no more, Chougaryuu is currently on a run. This article will be throwing light on Kingdom Chapter 596 spoilers and the official release date.

This article also consists of spoilers, so in case, you’re a Kingdom fan avoiding any potential spoilers, we as you to halt here.

Kingdom Chapter 596 Spoilers

Kingdom Chapter 596- Spoilers

Titled as “The Best”, Kingdom Chapter 596 sees Kyoukai killing the remainder of the commanders of Chougaryuu unit. She went on to kill a few more before she exhausted out and passed out. We then witness the Shin unit turning crazy and taking down almost all the soldiers on the opposite side. This totally shocked Chougaryuu who had no idea what to do.

After taking out the last enemy, the Hi Shin Unit realised that Chougaryuu escaped with the rest of the forces. This could not be a very good thing for Shin Unit as everything they’ve done until now would go wasted if Chougaryuu managed to escape.

Kingdom Chapter 596- Spoilers- Chougaryuu Executed

A few men were assigned by Shin to track him while he visited Shousa before she died. On his way, he jumped off the horse, taking Shousa in his longing arms who thanked him before passing away in his own arms. Kingdom Chapter 595 was great and the ending had us all emotional.

Kingdom Chapter 596 may see Shin getting hold of his troops so that he pays Shousa a tribute. Post this, he will join the men who are tracking Chougaryuu. We believe he’d be tracked down only to be confronted by Shin, who will knock him out.

Shousa’s death will add fuel to Shin’s anger in Kingdom 596 and will rail him to kill Chougaryuu. Let’s wait to see how things happen in Kingdom 596.

Release date

Kingdom Chapter 596 will come out on April 7. Stay tuned for more updates.

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