How do you feel? Are you tired after finishing a lot of household chores or burying your head in your work? There are common but funny things in our daily life. All of you have seen them on the way to work, in your residential area, or in the places you have visited. They are signposts. They are used to giving instructions that are easy to follow and to get the point, so we can avoid getting into trouble. Life is not as beautiful as you think. These signposts are of little use to you.

There are pictures of signposts that are sure to light up your day. You can share the funny signs you have seen by posting the pictures in the comment section. We collected funny pictures of signposts.


1. All are welcome.


2. Enjoy the private meal.


3. “What am I supposed to do?”


4. Really hard to think about it.


5. Gotta be beware of people who cross the road.


6. Use your child as a shield as a necessary measure.


7. Only drug dealers are allowed.


8. Is this an instruction for motorists to drive slowly? Or is it a reminder to the children? Or what if it is a description of the speed of children in the area?


9. Shortcut to the future.


10. “I hope I’m able to pass”


11. Heavy people only.


12. A very honest post sign.


13. No need to read the sign.


14. Would be great to meet people who qualify for this toilet.


15. These signs don’t help even when life is hard.


16. It’s okay with the cows.


17. Every workplace needs this sign.


18. These signs are unrelated hopefully.


19. “Viewing up the street”


20. An honest post sign by the barbers.


21. “Slow down, speed racer!”