There is more to life than sunshine, rainbows, and cat memes. It is not the harsh, joyless reality that we see on the evening news. Life is complicated. It is guaranteed to throw punches your way, so you have to be prepared to dodge or take them. Knowing the things that could save your life is part of that. Forewarned is forearmed.

The internet is a great place to learn new things, as long as you take all advice with a large grain of salt and double-check everything, and the people of r/AskReddit have been sharing some insightful tips and tricks that might save your life.


1. Follow the service dog if it comes up to you.


2. Medicine and counseling can be used to fight mental health issues. Don’t be afraid to seek help.


3. If someone breaks into your home and you use a bat to protect yourself, put a sock over the top of it so that if they grab the bat, you can take it back.


4. When in an emergency situation, point out to the person by saying “Hey you in the (descriptive) shirt! Call 911!”


5. As you move out of the burning building, breathe as close to the floor as possible.


6. If you’re at a pub and someone antagonizes you, just smile and walk away.


7. If your pot is on fire, DO NOT pour water. Just cover it up with a lid.


8. If you are being chased by bees, it’s best to just keep running until they feel like they’ve won.


9. If you’re at a gunpoint by a kidnapper, just run in a zig-zag manner even if you die in the process. Best not be taken to a private place from a public one.


10. Shift your car into neutral if you can’t stop your car from getting stuck.


11. The “24-hour rule” is a myth, so never hesitate to call the police to report a missing person.


12. If something doesn’t feel right, move to the other side of the street or away from that dark alley.


13. If you’re outside in a storm and your hair starts to float, seek shelter right away. You’re going to be struck by lightning.


14. Don’t question someone if they shout “duck”.


15. If you have a canker sore in your mouth and it doesn’t heal within two weeks, it might be oral cancer.


16. Don’t take the knife out when stabbed. It will reduce blood loss if it stays in. If you can, call an ambulance and apply pressure around the wound.


17. If doctors ask you whether you’ve taken any illegal drugs, don’t just think about them but also tell them if you’ve taken Advil or Tylenol.


18. When you’re ready to make a left turn, keep the wheels facing forward.


19. If you come across an alligator, don’t poke its eyes but its nostrils.


20. If you feel that other drivers are out to kill you, a healthy paranoia can prove to be a successful defensive driving.


21. 3 minutes without air, 3 days without water, and 3 weeks without food.


22. If you feel like choking, don’t go to the bathroom. Ask for help right away!


23. If you feel uneasy like someone is watching you, it’s possible that they actually are. Trust your gut feeling.


24. The actual fires spread shockingly fast. Best to get out immediately!


25. There is no such thing as a fair fight. Fight dirty if it’s a life-threatening situation. Try to bite if thew attacker pins you down, and press the base of your thumbs onto their eyes.


26. Do not drink the water in a cactus in the desert. It will cause vomiting and cause you to die faster.


27. If you feel sleepy while driving, it’s best to pull over and take a nap of about 20 minutes or so.


28. If an animal bites you, you should consider getting a Rabies shot as soon as possible.


29. If an ocean current pulls you, do not exhaust yourself by swimming against it. Rather swim parallel to it and make your way out of it.


30. Don’t be afraid to see a psychologist. It’s not something to be ashamed of.


31. Make sure the carbon monoxide detector in your home has fresh batteries.


32. If you yell at an attacker with a knife, there is a chance that it will startle them and then they will drop it. You can get out of the situation if you attract attention.


33. If you’ve been out of water for more than two and have no other option than to drink dirty water, just go for it.


34. Do not take your feet off the ground if you are walking near a downed power line. This can cause a discharge through your body.


35. If you are pulling a weapon as an act of self-defense, use it immediately.