We never know what’s going to happen next.

One surprise after another. You never know where your life is going to take you. You might think that one thing is going to happen, but then something completely different happens. Life is not for those who hate surprises. Neither are cats. You never know what you will get when you rescue or adopt a cat.

Some of them can be cute and lovable, but they can also be evil geniuses who will stop at nothing to get their goal. It’s weird when it comes to cats, from flashing you some teary eyes to getting a second breakfast. Some people think they have one foot in the spirit world. That would explain a lot but we don’t know for sure. Life is never boring when you have a cat.


1. As seen in this experiment, the darkness always blots out the light.


2. Looks like this cat wants some pictures for the Gram.


3. More is always more for cats.


4. This cat isn’t ready to be a mother yet.


5. Being alone on Valentine’s Day be like…


6. Cat trying to summon a spirit.


7. They’re seeing things humans can’t see.


8. This cat has stealing problems.


9. Stepping outside after months of quarantine and realizing that the world is doomed.


10. That’s not a long cat but a nice illusion.


11. Why take part in the Kylie lip challenge when you can simply just get bitten by a bee?


12. This cat had her cute li’l kittens under the Christmas tree.


According to National Geographic, many things that cats do that are out of our understandings are usually behaviors of humans that they are trying to emulate. At times, their shenanigans might be weird, but they are just trying to communicate with their humans as best as they can.

At the end of the day, these furballs have to maintain some sort of a mystery because that still doesn’t explain more than half the things on this list.


13. Cats prove to be liquid at times.


14. Straight outta Minecraft!


15. Seems like this cat is having a really good drooling sleep.


16. This cat is ready for its dinner.


17. It’s okay to be a weeb, as this cat says.


18. Cattos standing in a row.


19. All she wanted was a bite.


20. Achievement Unlocked: Put all your paws on a single piece of paper.


21. This cat is in deep thoughts.


22. This cat doesn’t seem happy about ending up in flour.