The fate of Lethal Weapon Season 4 currently hangs in the balance amid a dispute between the lead actors of the show. Having started off in 2016, Lethal Weapon was popular with the viewers. However, after two smooth years, things began to go down the hill towards the end of the second season.

By the time Lethal Weapon Season 3 started production, it almost felt like there will not be a Lethal Weapon Season 4! Following Season 3’s conclusion, the future of the series continues to remain unknown. Let us take a closer look at why the Lethal Weapon series is in danger:

Lethal Weapon Season 4 release date
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Lethal Weapon Season 4: Cast Disputes

Damon Wayans and Clayne Crawford started off the show as the two lead characters. However, the two had a falling out and Crawford’s character was written off in an emotional moment during the Lethal Weapon Season 2 finale.

While a third season was produced without Crawford, it will be interesting to see if Lethal Weapon Season 4 will ever happen! This is because Wayanas too has reportedly asked to leave the show after Season 3 production ends. It will be interesting to see if the show carries on without both the lead actors.

Lethal Weapon Season 4 Damon Wayans
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Lethal Weapon Season 4 Release Date

Lethal Weapon Season 4, if it happens, is likely to release in September 2019. This is based on past trends as new seasons of Lethal Weapon usually begin in September. Moreover, the show is expected to run till February 2020 if it airs! Stay tuned with us for more details.

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Lethal Weapon Season 4 Clayne Crawford
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