Will Lethal Weapon Season 4 Be Cancelled Or Will a Fourth Season Release?

Lethal Weapon is one of the most iconic cop shows on television. Lethal Weapon is the reboot of the 80s action movie series that starred Mel Gibson in his role and Danny Glover as his partner. The Lethal Weapon series became a fan-favourite right after the premiere episode.

However, the show has been surrounded by drama since its inception. Fans are now starting to wonder what will become of the show and whether Lethal Weapon season 4 happen or not.

Lethal Weapon : What happened so far?

Lethal Weapon Season 4 - Will see a fourth season

Debuting in 2016, Lethal Weapon stars Clayne Crawford as Martin Riggs and Marlon Wayans as Roger Murtaugh. While Murtaugh is the older weary partner, Riggs is the loose cannon cop. These two battle shady characters and the series blends perfectly with drama and comedy. After the two popular initial seasons, fans had no reason to suspect that something weird was happening behind the scenes.

In 2018, Clayne Clawford was fired from Lethal Weapon after reports of his belligerent behaviour surfaced on the sets of the series. Many reports also claim that this firing is the result of a long-lasting feud between Wayans and Crawford.

Damon Wayans threatens to quit Lethal Weapon

Lethal Weapon Season 4

After the firing of Clayne Crawford in 2018, there was a search of a replacement. The third season premiered in September 2018 and had decent ratings, although it could never match the level of the first season.

However, lead actor Damon Wayans revealed that he’s also considering leaving the role. During an interview, Wayans revealed after 13 episodes set for Lethal Weapon Season 3. Wayans would be leaving the show to focus on his health and spend time with family.

Recent reports also suggest that FOX heads are scrambling to work out an arrangement that would allow Wayans to stay.

Will we see a Lethal Weapon Season 4 release?

Lethal Weapon- Will see a forth season

No formal announcement has been made yet and it seems like fans will be kept in dark for a while more.

With all the possibilities and hints, the Lethal Weapon season 4 remains hypothetical. Fans of the series will be on the edge of their seats waiting for the show to air again.