Everyone has had that moment when they were in school. Was it a senior prank? Was it a time when a student-owned a teacher? The essence of attending school with a bunch of other children was encapsulated by pure chaos. Some funny answers were attracted by this AskReddit. The most chaotic stories are voted on by the public.


1. Standing together.

From a Redditor u/GingerBeard73

A special needs kid faced suspension for two days for throwing a pencil into the ceiling. A friend of mine did it and he thought it was cool.

A kid on the football team heard about the suspension and protested it to the assistant principal. The principal threatened that it will be out-of-school suspensions.

The entire second floor closed down on Monday. The kid and the football team got into the school over the weekend and just covered the entire second-floor ceiling with pencils. The video was very good.

2. An embarrassing moment.

From a Redditor u/justsupersayinit

My friend used to be angry at the rest of us. He thought one of us was hiding in a stall and chased us into the bathroom. He said, “Peekaboo, I see you.” We all knew that the teacher’s stall door was kicked in. The teacher looked at Nathan. Close the door. I will die when I forget about that.


3. One of the greatest heists.

From a Redditor u/maxx1993

My hometown had three high schools. Two of them, both named after famous historical figures of said town, were in a sort of rivalry with each other, but the students would casually trash talk the other school a lot, mostly in good fun.

Each school had a bust of its historical namesake in a display case. They were just a decoration that you would pass by on a daily basis. We thought we’d test how much attention people paid to these things.

We got together one night. Had a few men from the other school, but most of us were from my school. Also got access to both buildings at the same time, picked open the cheap locks on the display cases, and switched the busts. We had to carry these limestone busts through half the town because the schools were not that close to one another. We locked the busts in the display cases again. Nobody ever found out that we had completely non-destructive entries to both schools.

It took a long time for anyone to notice. No teacher has ever found out who was responsible. They didn’t try too hard to figure it out because no damage was done.


4. Mariachi Prank.

From a Redditor u/Strange-Tax7880

The senior prank was to hire a mariachi band to follow the principal all day. He liked it. Everyone in the classroom could see it and take pictures and have a break from class.


5. Putting up the school for sale.

From a Redditor u/Ghost007

The kid in my class put the school up for sale. He gave the school’s office number as a point of contact because everyone hated the receptionist there. They were getting calls from people who wanted to buy a lot with a swimming pool and a track.


6. An impeccable aim.

From a Redditor u/young994

Everyone hated the teacher because he was a bully. When he was on yard patrol, this shy kid launched the perfect snowball, which went in his cup of juice, which splashed out and soaked him. The kid went from zero to hero quickly.


7. Never ever let students guess your password.

From a Redditor u/Poht80h

They found out the password for the high school’s website and edited a lot of things, including re-writing teacher bios and exposing certain faculty for being scummy/creepy. It made a lot of noise for a long time, but they never got caught.


8. Seems like an anime trope for sure.

From a Redditor u/Differe_Damage_122

Two seniors in high school got into a fight in the hallway in between classes. When they were in kindergarten, they first met in the class. The performative aspect of martial arts is shown in movies. They were kicking each other. It was brutal. The teachers did not want to break them up. They stopped because they were tired of beating each other.


9. The cheaper version of The Godfather.

From a Redditor u/illogicalfuturity

Several people’s cars were left with parts of a dead pig in the middle of summer.

No one knew who did it, but each of the targets was notorious bullies, so many of us found it to be a great justice.


10. It’s wholesome, surprisingly.

From a Redditor u/Dash8833

During my senior year, we had an advanced chemistry class. We had a plan for the test day. The valedictorian asked to go to the bathroom. He ran to the payphones next to the cafeteria and called the office. He said he was a police officer and needed to speak with our teacher. The teacher left the room after the office called him. The rest of us went to the grocery store and got a birthday cake, decorations, and balloons. The valedictorian said “Blah, Blah, Blah” when the teacher got to the office. Mickey Mouse ran back to the class. We started singing happy birthday when the teacher came back. He said it was not his birthday. We ate our cake. The test was put off until next week.


11. A true man among people.

From a Redditor u/SeanShawnShaunson

A kid broke into a building. The P.A. speaker locked himself in the room and began dismissing everyone’s future sentences one by one.

He burped in the mic before the teachers and the principal broke in. The principal yelled. It was cut off.


12. To make sure if he could really do it.

From a Redditor u/johnnyx48

My English teacher had poor eyesight and was close to retirement.

A mate moved his desk and himself to the back of the room after he started the lesson on the right side of the classroom.

He came back into the room and apologized for being late.


13. Some chickens.

From a Redditor u/Throw_away91251952

During my junior year of high school, someone snuck in chickens, but I don’t think they were caught. There were a couple of dozen chickens in the halls and the teachers panicked. The faculty treated them like dogs.

14. “Have you lost your marbles?”

From a Redditor u/Evansfam6708

A kid once brought a backpack full of marbles to school. The bag was dumped over the stairwell on the third floor. marbles went everywhere, but they didn’t break the glass trophy case at the bottom. He never got caught. He either ran to one of the stairwells at the end of the hall or hid until the first bell rang.


15. Spider-Man seems different these days.

From a Redditor u/PM_ME_YOUR_REPO

Tyler, my class valedictorian, went missing for a long period of time at my senior prom. As people were asking if anyone had seen him, he reappeared in a Spiderman costume on stage with the band and started dancing.

He began fighting crime in a different costume after two years.


16. This is a mess.

From a Redditor u/makadvisor

A group of kids dressed up in all black for a senior prank. They ran down the main hall of the school with buckets of cheap vegetable oil before the bell rang. Kids were falling all over the place, spreading the oil throughout the school. They had to send everyone home so they could clean up the mess. The school pulled camera footage from the campus and interviewed students. The suspects were pulled into the office because the kids were telling friends about their accomplishments.


17. Never knew reenacting a scene from the movie King Kong could result in the SWAT team surrounding your school.

From a Redditor u/SteffeEric

A student dressed up as a gorilla and went up on the roof of the school with a bag of bananas. There were guys with assault rifles outside of our classroom window. Someone told me that it was on the roof in a gorilla costume. He was 18 at the time and got in a lot of trouble.


18. A great opportunity to ring the fire alarm.

From a Redditor u/FuturePut5

A kid hit the fire alarm when the mayor was there. We were told not to hit the fire alarm during the mayor’s visit unless there was an actual fire, as it was a common occurrence at our school to just hit the fire alarm whenever.


19. An effective way to prove a point.

From a Redditor u/bluesenmineur

A teacher in training had poor classroom management skills. She didn’t understand what was happening in front of her. A friend of mine jumped from a classroom window mid-class and then walked through the schoolyard and back into the classroom to prove the point. He was able to convince the teacher that he had gone to the washroom and she just nodded.


20. Avoiding swimming classes in a chaotic way.

From a Redditor u/jaimmster

It was stupid in a legendary manner.

The kid who didn’t want to swim was using a payphone to call in the threats to bomb the school. He had to go to the gym for summer school after being suspended for two weeks. I can’t remember his name, yet he is a legend.

21. Always gotta have an Alibi.

From a Redditor u/BiGsTaM

A classmate threw a big firecracker near the outlet. When the teacher asked what happened, he said that the outlet blew up. The teacher believed him.


22. Spread the love.

From a Redditor u/nikiprikicikiliki2

The system had fail, pass, and great scale.

One dude took the book that had grades written for all students in the class. Everyone assumed he would throw it away or change it to 2’s because he was failing a lot.

He changed all the 3s into hearts. He did get a warning though.