It can be hard to accept that the person you considered your best friend doesn’t care about you as much as you do. You may not want to see that because you invested so much in that friendship and you still remember the good times you had, but it is important to realize that your energy is not worth wasting on people who don’t appreciate it.

The event that made cameron222james open his eyes was when he was locked out of his camper after he drove his friend to a Spartan race in another state because there was no room for him. He got his revenge, but now he is second-guessing his judgment because it was his best friend.

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A man got into a fight with his best friend who was angry at him for being left stranded in a different state with no way back home.

The Original Poster is 25 years old and has a best friend of 6 years who is into going to the gym and going to Spartan races, which are essentially races with obstacles along the way such as walls and rope swings. You would think physical military training would look like that.

The friend and his friends didn’t know about the competition that they wanted to go to, but they didn’t have a place to stay. They asked if they could borrow his camper and truck.


A friend of the OP asked if he could borrow his camper to have a place to stay while he went to a Spartan race competition.


The OP was doubtful they would have returned it in one piece and in a reply to a comment, he said, “I truly think if I had let them take the camper themselves, they would have either wrecked it on the road or destroyed it once they got to where they were going.” He offered to go with them.

The group should have slept in the camper that night after they reached their destination. There was a lot of space. “The two friends of my best friend were going to share my king-size bed in the bedroom at the back of the trailer, and I and my best friend were going to take the two couches in the living room portion of the trailer towards the front. It’s a big trailer with three slide-outs.”

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The man agreed to the condition that he would be going as well as he was unsure if the camper would have survived.


The OP was locked out of the trailer at night. When he returned after wandering around outside, the door was locked because he needed to take a call. He was told through the window that there wasn’t enough room for him.

He couldn’t get in because he hadn’t taken the key to the camper, and his only hope was that his best friend wouldn’t do anything.

The best friend of the OP turned off his phone so that the truck was unlocked. He wondered if his friend unlocked the truck before going to sleep in the camper after he said that he had left it unlocked by accident.


They were supposed to sleep inside the camper, but the friend’s group locked the door.


The men needed to drive to the location where the race took place after an hour of sleep, and the OP was woken up by them. The man mentioned being locked out of his own trailer, but his guests didn’t say a word and didn’t apologize.

cameronjames222 had already come up with a revenge plan. The men were at the race and he prepared the camper to head off. He drove off when the athletes came back.


He made sure they saw him alone in the morning because he was so angry that they didn’t have a room in his camper.


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The OP ignored the calls on his phone until he drove back home. His best friend was angry because he was stuck in a city without a vehicle to go home. The best friend said that there were better ways to handle this, and the OP realized that he might have overstepped.

There was a verdict given in the comments. They agreed that there were more ways to end this conflict in a more civilized way, but that was reserved for people who are mature enough to deserve it, and they felt the OP’s actions were justified.


He is regretting it and fighting with his best friend since he said that there were other ways to react.


The friends agreed that they would only pay half of the expenses. The friend is refusing to pay because the trip cost him more than $200. All of their belongings are still in the trailer, so he hopes to get back the money.

It is unfortunate that a friendship would end like that, especially since the person who the OP has known for 6 years has saved his life twice.

Do you think the OP should have been more kind? Do you think people who play stupid games win stupid prizes? Let us know what you think in the comments.


The friend group should be punished for treating a person who was doing them a favor.