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Being a parent is awesome, but some things are romanticized about it. 98% of parenting is a constant attempt at raising decent human beings and adulting at the same time. To show you how realistic it can be, this lazy mom shared what her house looked like after just 4 days of not tidying up.


Keeping a house clean is a challenge for many, and mothers with 4 kids post videos of the reality as motivation to clean up.


Bri James, also known as The Messy Mama on TikTok, is a mom with 4 lovely children.

A few months ago, she went viral with a video of hers where she shows what four days of not cleaning the house looks like in a family household.

Two really lazy adults with 4 kids who don’t clean up after themselves for 4 days is what she describes in the video. She states that this isn’t dirty, but rather a mess and that she has not done the dishes or picked up things throughout that time.


In the video, Bri James shows how messy a house can get in 4 days.


The mess was what you would expect. The living room looked like a kid’s playground with everything from kids’ toys to empty packets scattered all over the floor. If you ask me, it’s pretty standard.

She posted the video to TikTok as a way of motivating herself to clean up the house and keep herself accountable, knowing that she will be roasted for it.

It ended up being a bit of a debate, in the lightest sense of the word. There were definitely two sides that people were choosing between.


This mini playground living room has everything from toys to furniture pieces on the floor.


Bri did what she was supposed to do and that is to clean the house.


Bri did not expect support from other parents and people who relate to the situation.

This is a very important part of the mother’s life, but also very out of context, as you can’t assume that this is always the way it is. You don’t know what this mom goes through on a daily basis.

Some parents of 1 to 5 kids say that parents shouldn’t be judged for this. It takes a parent to understand the struggle.


Reactions came from both sides, with some disapproving and others showing support.


There was a lot of love and support for Bri, even though there were a lot of negative things said in the comment section. The mom used this as motivation to clean up. She cleaned up.


There was a lot of support from people who know what parenting is like.


Her followers got four videos detailing her clean-up journey the next day. The “setting a bad example” argument is thrown out the window by the fact that one of her daughters joined in to help clean up. She turned a messy house into a clean one.



The video got over 18 million views and over 1.2 million likes. You can check out the video here, and her channel here, but before you go, let us know your levels of mess or what you thought about this video in the comment section below!