Latvia Unveils A Huge Statue Honoring Coronavirus Healthcare Workers

In the capital of Latvia, a 20-foot-tall statue has been installed honoring the matchless efforts of the healthcare workers fighting COIVD-19. It stands outside the Latvian National Art Museum and was unveiled on 16th June 2020. The statue is sculpted by Aigars Bikše, a professor at the Arts Academy of Latvia.
The statue is almost 20 feet tall (6 meters). It shows a woman in a lab coat, mask, and gloves stretching toward the sky. She’s wearing pink clogs and has a stethoscope around her neck.
It took 3 months for Aigars Bikše to build the statue which is called ‘Medics to the World’. The worker has her arms stretched out as if to reach her patients. In this way, people can look up to their caretakers and life preservers as if they are their parents.
Latvia Unveils A Huge Statue Honoring Coronavirus Healthcare Workers

Latvia feels in-debt to the health workers

The sincere efforts of the health workers truly inspired Bikše. He added,

“I was watching how medics met great difficulties in Italy, how they slept on hospital floors, how their faces were wounded due to wearing masks for long hours. I understood that I, as an artist, as a sculptor, should say something.”

Dita Raiska, the President of the Latvian Nurses Association said, “The main heroes of the pandemic are the medical staff who risked their lives for us in order to preserve the health of humanity. The wellbeing of society requires concerted and responsible action.

It means that everyone follows expert advice – maintaining social distance washing hands, and while the medical staff takes care of the infected. I am pleased that the Latvian people are aware of this responsibility and I am pleased to see that the people have appreciated our work.”

Similarly, every country has its own way of giving a tribute to the heroes. In fact, in some European countries, the crowd cheered and clapped for the sacrifice made by the medical staff.
Meanwhile, in Latvia, 1,111 people have been tested positive for corona virus and 30 people have died so far. The medical staff in Latvia has indeed performed a commendable job. They deserve the praise that has been bequeathed to them.