Red Dead is the Western-themed action video game published by Rockstar and developed by Take-Two Interactive. Its online version i.e the Red Dead Online is getting a new overhaul. The game received its largest update yet with a slew of new content.

With the new update, the game has shifted from its beta tag. This big update adds more features into the game, online poker mode, a new weapon(revolver) and a new story missions with different side activities.

The detailed changelog of the Red Dead online update is as follows:

  • New co-op mission called, A Land of Opportunities and a new free room mission.
  • New modes such as online poker, Fishing, Shooting birds, etc.
  • A brand new weapon called the LeMat Revolver
  • Updated Clothing section and daily rewards
  • Balanced gameplay with new HDR settings, and a new FPS control system.

Apart from these the update also includes an Offensive and Defensive playstyle mode.

Red Dead Online

Another feature is the functionality of a role-playing mechanism. Here you can change your avatar as per your liking. You could be a bounty hunter or a trader it’s up to you.

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This update is definitely a step in the right direction. The new big update will most certainly improve the game and act as a positive factor to the franchise.

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Update Timeframe

The larger content update does not have a specific release date, but one can expect it to hit this summer. Free roaming missions and new clothing items will be available from May 21st. On a side note, the update will carry Showdown mode on May 28.

Red Dead Online

And on June 4th RD2 Online will have Railroad Baron Free Roam event.

As of now, GTA Online is still making the Rockstar money as the number of people playing the game is almost five times more so the RD2. So releasing meaningful updates will help Rockstar revive the game.