Apple iOS 13 update screenshot dark mode

Apple is all set for the release of its next iOS version, the iOS 13 during WWDC this coming Monday. Ahead of the official announcement, certain leaks suggest that the company is likely to include a dark mode in the upcoming iOS update.

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iOS 13 update dark mode leaked before release

9to5Mac has received some screenshots of the iOS 13 update, wherein the feature of the dark mode is visible. The image posted by the site shows that there will be a system-wide dark mode.

Dark Mode can be turned On or Off via the settings menu or control menu.

The feature of a dark theme was in huge demand and it seems like the company has finally listened to the needs of the consumers.

iOS 13 update dark mode

Dark Mode is a very useful thing to have not only it helps apps look better at night it also is beneficial to your eyes. The dark theme is likely to increase battery life

The newest iOS update is not only bringing the dark mode but a slew of new content is being brought in by Apple.

System-wide Dark Mode And More

The company’s next operating system update is completely getting a new look, redesigned Reminders and Health app, Track other iDevices and a lot more.

iOS 13 is also expected to bring in Multi functionality support, minor updates to Map app, keyboard, and general performance improvement.

Apple iOS 13 update screenshot dark mode

Everything will be official during the keynote at WWDC. Developer beta will be available right after the event while the public update could take some time before it goes live.