As much as we waited for Halloween, we also understand that from time to time, time slips through your fingers and you end up on the eve of October 31st without a single clue as to what kind of outfit to wear. But don’t panic, as Yoda would say.

We put together an amazing list of the best last-minute Halloween costume ideas. From the classic ghost to the upside-down man, you should be able to DIY these fun styles with limited resources in just an instant. Or two. Keep scrolling and check them out!


1. This one is highly underrated!


2. She absolutely nailed it!


3. Quite smart and hilarious.


4. So flipping cute.


5. Climate change is real with this one.


6. Purely genius.


7. Another one who nailed it.


8. Sim-ply simplish.


9. This is clever.


10. Nailed it right down to the mittens.


11. That’s 72 shades though.


12. For the last minute, it’s not bad at all.


13. That family is too cold. Too cold.


14. “Hey Casper. Is that you?”


15. “Give us your coal.”


16. That’s a meta outfit.


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17. Sums up the last couple of years.


18. Pretty good for a low-budget-themed dress-up.


19. One-night stand or one nightstand?


20. The greatest scream movie in history.


21. Nickelback but somehow worse than the band.


22. The level of patience though.


23. Gotta love Hobbes.


24. That’s Bryan Greenberg.


25. Wonder how many people have asked them to actually rap.


26. Well, she sure knows how to tie a fighter.


27. The sheet tattoos are the crowning jewel.


28. Characters from the movie Up.


29. This is one doodle that can’t be undone, home-skillet.


30. Why was that scene so sad?