Lashana Lynch First Black James Bond

For years there had been rumors that the iconic James Bond character is going to get a major change. There were rumors of him being portrayed by an African-American actor (Idris Alba was the most rumored name) while there were also rumors of him being portrayed as a female character. Apparently it now turns out that Lashana Lynch is likely to be the first female as well as an African-American person to portray the character.

Lashana Lynch James Bond
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Lashana Lynch: Everything That You Wanted to Know About Her

Daniel Craig is all set to portray his last appearance as James Bond in the upcoming Bond 25 movie. Interestingly, in this movie, we will see the passing of the torch.

In the past, we have seen Lashana Lynch in roles in movies such as Captain Marvel, where she portrayed Maria Rambeau and was widely appreciated.

Lashana Lynch First Female James Bond
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Lynch had been trying for roles in Black Panther as well as Spider-Man, but finally got her big Marvel moment in Captain Marvel.

Lashana Lynch will play 007 in new James Bond movie: report from movies

Will Lynch Appear in Bond 25?

This is big – Lashana Lynch is going to appear in the movie as per insiders who have been working on the film. There is going to be a HUGE moment in Bond 25 where M asks 007 to come in – and Lynch walks in.

According to those who are working on the production, this is a ‘popcorn dropping moment’ which is going to drive the fans crazy!

Lashana Lynch Female Black James Bond
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Lynch will be temporarily assigned the 007 character while Craig is in retirement in the movie. It is expected that this will set the stage for her to take over as James Bond over the next few Bond movies.

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