So, would you guys love to see a Transgender portraying the iconic 007 Agent? Well, you might get to see one.

Dominic West is encouraging the producers of the James Bond franchise to try their hands on a transgender as the next Bond. All the activists are in the support of the high-profile British actor.

This was revealed by West in his interview on Sunday Times of London. He said that if there could be so many transgenders in the UK military, why can’t the Bond franchise get one to play the MI6 agent. He considers this a brilliant idea.

Source- Telegraph

Dominic suggested the name of Hannah Graf, who is the highest ranked soldier (transgender) in the army. Hannah has appeared in some movies along with her fiance Jake Graf.

But Broccoli family, who has been associated with the Bond franchise for so long completely ruled out the idea. Barbara Broccoli said that James Bond is written as a male character and it would be better if it stays that way. But it would be a nice idea to include some more female and transgender character in the franchise.

Barbara, who is the executive producer of the series also revealed that they are trying to update the style of James Bond. Bond, who was written as a typical 1950s spy really need to be a bit more modern to suit the current era.

Source- Daily Wire

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