Lana Rhoades, a former actress in adult films, has revealed that the activities that take place behind the scenes of pornographic movies are completely staged. She calls them “100% fake.”

The 26-year-old woman, who was at the time one of the industry’s most prominent stars, detailed the circumstances surrounding her departure from the porn industry in a recent interview for the podcast The Skinny Confidential.

Rhoades, whose real name is Amara Maple, was asked by the show’s hosts, Lauren Evarts Bosstick and Michael Bosstick, why she chose to enter the adult entertainment industry in the first place. Rhoades’ response was as follows: “The whole reason why I thought that it was a good idea was because when I had these things going on at home when I was a kid, I found the show called ‘The Girls Next Door’ of Playboy.”

“I work with Playboy now and it’s a completely different brand than it was then, but I watched the show and I was like: ‘Oh my Gosh Kenda and Holly their lives look so glamorous compared to mine […] I could be jumping on a trampoline into a pool in a mansion,'” she explained.

Rhoades continued: “By the time that I was 18, glamour modeling and Playboy wasn’t really a thing where you could make money anymore, so I guess the next thing was porn […],” before she added that she had thought at the time: “That’s how I’m going to get this lifestyle that I want.”

The mother of one, who will not disclose the identity of the man who is the father of her child but has claimed that he is an NBA player (according to The Daily Mail), was then questioned about the following: “Let’s blow the cover off porn – how real is it?”

The response given by the former adult actress, which was subsequently posted on TikTok by a user, contained no novel information but was still fascinating in its own right.

“Umm, 100% fake,” Rhoades answered.

“It’s like circus acts. As a performer, when I was doing it, it was like what face can I make, what sound can I make, what can I do in this movie to make it the best one?”

After that, the person who created the content added: “I don’t even like having sex – I’m pretty much asexual.”

Both Lauren and Michael exhibited clear signs of surprise in response to this assertion, with Lauren even asking Rhoades: “Wait, you’re asexual in real life?”

“Yeah, I never hook up with people, I don’t find people attractive, and I’ve always been like that. It’s not like there’s a change after doing porn,” she said.

“But, going back to porn, I don’t think that it’s good for anyone – I think they should make it illegal. I think the porn industry is infested with drugs and alcohol abuse, and it can definitely drive people to that,” Rhoades shockingly revealed.

Rhoades’ career skyrocketed despite the fact that she had only been working in the porn industry for a short period of time—just eight months. The young mother, who has over 16 million followers on Instagram, revealed that she was: “Still number one on all porn sites.”

“It’s crazy to make one decision when you’re 19 years old, and then become the biggest pornstar in the world,” the now-clothing designer said.