Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper dating

Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper have been in the spotlight for a while now, amidst all the romance rumors. And the two stars have already confirmed that they have a platonic relationship and nothing more. But, the events during the last ten months have led up to these reactions from the people.

Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper dating

A Star is Born generates affair rumours

As you might have guessed, the whole thing started when ‘A Star is Born’ had released. In the movie, Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper played the role of two lovers, Ally and Jackson. And they did such a good job that people started speculating that it was more than just acting. And the movie was quite a hit too. Following the trend, news articles and memes started making rounds of the internet.

Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper dating

And the rumors took new shape when Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper broke up with their respective partners. Gaga broke up with her ex-fiance, Christian Carino. And Cooper put an end to his four-year-long relationship with Russian mode, Irina Shayk. And they are currently working on a custody settlement of their daughter, Lea De Seine.

So, was this a clear hint that Cooper and Gaga are more than just ‘good friends’? Not really. According to TheSun, Gaga is now dating a sound engineer, Dan Horton. And they put a halt on the Gaga-Cooper dating rumors when they were found kissing in public. As for Bradley Cooper’s relationship with Shayk, it was already thinning away before the affair rumors surfaced.

Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper affair rumors remain just rumors

So, there has been no concrete evidence if the two stars actually share a deeper connection. If this link-up had surfaced some years ago, it would have been so bizarre. But, now it is actually happening. And the nature of this narrative might remain skeptical until further clarifications.