Illegal Kodi

Kodi has quickly gained popularity around the world with the surge of streaming service. Millions of people are using Kodi to stream content on their devices due to its open source and customizable nature.

What is Kodi?

Kodi is a free open source software that allows users to organize and consume locally available data on any devices

How does it work?

Kodi scraps all the data available from the storage location specified by the user and tries to match it with the metadata available on its database.

With the use of additional availability of add-ons, it is highly customizable.




Kodi is present on all prominent platforms like Android, Windows, Linux, and macOS.

Legal Risks

Kodi itself is not illegal to use as well as certified devices also called KODI Box are not illegal. Kodi has partnered with HULU, HBO, and Netflix to curb piracy.

However, if you are using a modded version of KODI to stereo services and tv channel for free might cause legal as well as personal repercussions.

According to a report, more than a quarter of for Britishers consume pirated content through these boxes or something similar. Kodi is already facing lawsuits one of which is filed by Dish networks who want to ban two addons Zem TV and Phoneix.

Zem TV and Phoneix provided thousand of the channel for users to stream for free.

Kodi : Personal Risks

All the add-ons that are not provided by the app itself are called third-party add-ons which can perform a host of function that is programmable.

So the user is at risk while using these add-ons like it can record what you watch when you watch and similar data which the add-on provider can sell for money.

According to Gary Davis, Chief of Consumer Security at McAfee that these unofficial apps can farm user data. Users of these addons are also at risk of inappropriate advertising which can be seen by younger family members.