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May The Force of Kodi Edition Raspberry Pi Be With You, Obi-Wan Kenobi


People were surprised two years ago when Kodi took its first step into the hardware industry and announced the Raspberry Pi Case of Kodi Edition. And reportedly for the last one year, the team behind Kodi was working with Flirc in an ambitious as well as an exciting new project – a brand new case. The team utilised the Flirc case of second-generation in its inception as they wanted to make something that will at the same time match Kodi’s character and blend in seamlessly in people’s entertainment system.


The team has unveiled the product, and the product is now available for order. Even now Kodi is manufactured from aluminium, but this time it went into the dark side of the force with a jet black and metallic coating which boasts an ultra-cool Vader look. The gadget is undoubtedly a beautiful addition to the living room.


The top edge of the Kodi Case is polished, and it features an anodised silver that creates a finish that resembles the mirror and sports the soft plastic Kodi-brand name. The second generation of the Kodi sports a convenient access to the SD Card and features a better built-in heatsink and showcases precise manufacturing along with subtle design and overall makes in a fantastic case.


Just the same way in happened with the first case, the percentage of each sale is going to head towards USC Norris Comprehensive Cancer Center for cancer research. The cancer centre is now leaded in mind-boggling treatments of cancer along with trial medication. The Second generation of the Raspberry Pi case, the Kodi Edition is a special edition, and it is available in limited quantity. People interested in buying this Raspberry base can place the order from The Pi Hut as well as from Flirc.


People residing in the US, the UK and the EU can easily buy the case.


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Written by Kashish Verma

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