Is there anything better than a cat?

If you thought that it was anything other than “kittens” then you are entirely wrong. Kittens are everything that is pure and precious in this world. They are absolutely harmless and only want is someone who can adore them. They are so cute and cuddly, how could someone not like them?

It is said that a pet usually adopts the behaviors of its owner. And most of them don’t lose these habits and behaviors as they get older. Like sitting in the same place or position that they did when they were newborns. Watching them grow is too precious. One might consider them as their children and also their best friend. Spending your life with a cat is a true blessing. When you compare pictures of your cat with pictures from when they were kittens, you will have no idea how fast they grew. Time really flies when you grow up with a cat by your side. Scroll down to see some kitty-to-cat transformations that will melt your heart:


3 months old vs. 3-year-old.


Transformation after 2 years.


8 years after arriving at home.


The then and now version of Thor.


The 7-year transformation of a concerned kitten to a concerned tall boi.


“I found this baby boy and look at his transformation after 18 months.”


Casper at 3 vs. 13 weeks later.


This cat in her bed the first time vs. 2 years later.


The transformation of eye color from 2 to 10 months.


“Started life off in some swamp, now feeling the warmth in a Christmas sweater”


“No one knew whether Nimbus was actually a cat. Here’s her successful transformation from wrinkled fabric to the fluffy goddess. “


Baby kitten to cat and baby to kid.


From adorable babies to teens.


Growing up together.


“This furball was just 4 weeks old under the hood of my car and now turned into a big boy.”


“Can you please stop growing?”


From a little to a lot of floof.


5 weeks, 11 weeks, and 16 weeks.


Then and meow!


“This cute kitten was malnourished. Look at how she turned into a beautiful  baby girl”


“He hugs my neck every morning and night. Even after 8 months, he still does.”


“I was gifted a cat when I was 4 years on my first day of school. Sadly, he passed away when I was 20. We had a great bond! I am now 27 years old and I still think about him all the time. Until I see you again my boy “


“They told me to post the squid here. As you can see, it has always been elegant “


Just like a queen.


Still sitting like a baby at 2 years old.


From being a baby to now.


Grew into a bobblehead.


The size didn’t remain the same but the smile sure did.


“From a kitty to an older kitty. The two-month transformation of this baby, Rollie. I was about 2 weeks old when I got it (with mom, eyes just opened) “


The transformation of Albie from 8 weeks to 8 months.