Kingdom Season 2 is coming back after smashing it in the debut season. Everyone is craving for more details about the upcoming second season. Now that we already know that the show’s contact has been renewed and the  production is underway, let’s get started.

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Kingdom Season 2: The Rumours Floating on the Web

Due to lack of information, there are several speculations regarding the war with Japan and the western characters. The events of the upcoming season will be set in a warring time when the states and countries are fighting for supremacy. The show’s production is going to be more organised leading to more episodes.

Kingdom Season 2: Organised production to give way to more episodes
Credits: What’s On Netflix

Kingdom Season 2: Updates on Production

It is likely that the production will take around five to six months, but it can exceed that due to possible delays. There are obvious reasons for the production to take longer time as compared to the other shows. The story’s quality and authenticity setting could be the reason for things going wrong.

What does the Plotline look like?

There are zombies in the show and this time we may expect them to add other fictional creatures as well. The fans can expect some western characters from Europe as well. The second season of Kingdom could see a war against other countries in order to increase the stakes to deal with.

Kingdom Season 2: The Plotline looks intense
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Kingdom Season 2: Potential Release Dates

Nothing is certain as of today and these are just part of speculations. If the show goes on with the addition of some more fictional creatures and another war, then the show’s production will definitely take longer. As of now, we can expect the show to come out by next year, probably in late 2020.