Kingdom season 2 has been confirmed by Netflix. Sources have announced the release date, cast and other details of the show.  The TV series Kingdom, is based on the novel Land of the Gods, which is written by Kim-Eun Hee.

The initial release of Kingdom was back in 2018. Since then, Kingdom has become a Netflix Original Series hit. Now Netflix has confirmed a Kingdom season 2 as well. 

Details about Kingdom

The story of Kingdom revolves around a Crown Prince who is caught in the middle of a political conspiracy.  So, he is forced to investigate the spread of a mysterious plague which was tormenting the current emperor. The Korean thriller zombie drama, Kingdom season 1 was a huge hit among the fans. Now that the show has been renewed, a lot of fan theories are being circulated as well. Netflix hasn’t confirmed an official release date as of now.

Kingdom season 2 production

As per KoreanFilm website, the production process for Kingdom season 2 has already started. The show’s filming is ought to finish by June 2019 and then it will go into its post-production. Considering all these details, Kingdom season 2 would most probably be released Netflix by the year 2020. The production cost for each episode of Kingdom season 2 was approximately $1.78 million. Netflix is hoping that Kingdom’s popularity would be able to get the desired returns as well. Initially, Kingdom was going to be a series of 8 parts. But, Netflix split the show into two separate seasons to keep the enthusiasm among the fans alive.