Kingdom Hearts 3 Rumors

Kingdom Hearts 3 is about to launch and the game had some of the weirdest and unique storyline and a mishmash of characters from both Final Fantasy and Disney universe.

Kingdom Hearts contains similar games mechanics similar to action-role-playing and hack and slash mechanics.

Kingdom Hearts 3 release date

When characters from these two favorite universes that is Disney and Final Fantasy universe combined with a game developer like Square Enix the games has some potential.

The first game was designed with the intent of targeting young Disney audience as Square Enix had out-of-the-way access to Disney characters which resulted in an all-time classic game. It should be noted that the creator of Final Fantasy Sakaguchi was also part of the development team.

Kingdom Hearts 3 Release Date

Kingdom Hearts 3 Available Content

Kingdom Hearts 3 is going to pack some serious content for the gamers both in the deluxe edition and pre-order bonuses.
The deluxe edition is bounded up in a single package in a steel-book case. Gamers will also get a collectible pin with Sora and game’s logo. Deluxe edition will also pack an official artbook.

The Delux version is going to cost $79.99 which is 20 dollars more than the normal version. Delux version is available for pre-order from the various retailers who is also gifting a fabric-made poster as a pre-order bonus. Considering the popularity of the game it is going to be out of stock.

Kingdom Hearts III

Variety of Preorder bonuses

Different retailers are giving different bonuses for pre-ordering the game.

Amazon is packing Dawn Till Dusk Keyblade with all the preorder, on the other hand, Gamestop is gifting a fabric poster. Walmart is giving away art card with all the preordered games.

Release dates and Availablity

Kingdom Hearts 3 is going to be released on both the major consoles that are Xbox and PS4 on January 29,2019. The release date for Japanese gamers is a little bit earlier January 25, 2019.
Rumors have suggested that Kingdom Heart 3 is in pipeline for PC and Square Enix has hinted towards bringing the games to all platforms but it is very disappointing that the game is not going to be released for PC.