Kingdom Hearts 3 How to fight faster

Kingdom Heart 3 Record Breaking Sale
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Kingdom Hearts 3 is among one of the most popular recently-released games on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles. The game, which comes as the 12th installment in the Kingdom Hearts series, is winning many hearts! However, one major problem with the game is that sometimes, the action in the game feels too slow. Considering that most modern games are fast-paced, this looks a little odd.

Let us take a closer look and learn how to speed up the fights in Kingdom Hearts 3. It requires no special skills, cheats or tricks – just the right set of moves!

How to Increase the Fight Speed on Kingdom Hearts 3

Kingdom Hearts 3 Improve Fight Skills
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One of the best techniques that you can use in Kingdom Hearts 3 is blocking and dodging. Provided that you block and dodge at the right time, you can make Sora almost invincible! Further, when you dodge, you give Sora some space away from the opponent, allowing him to strike faster!

What would also be helpful in improving your fights is the awareness of the shortcuts! Instead of selecting the attacks and spells from the menu, you can assign three shortcuts, all of which get four slots! This would make it much faster for you to cast a spell as compared to going through the menu and searching for it.

Kingdom Hearts 3: A Record-Breaking Game!

Kingdom Hearts 3 How to Improve Fight Skills
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With more than 5 million copies of Kingdom Hearts 3 already sold, Square Enix has officially deemed the game to be a major hit! This is now the fastest selling game in the Kingdom Hearts franchise. What makes it even more impressive is that all of it has been achieved in just the first week!

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