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Kingdom Chapter 597 spoilers and release date: Chougaryuu gets saved

Kingdom Chapter 597- Spoilers and Release Date

The news of Shogaru’s death has spread all across the army and all of them are high on their spirits. Chougaryuu’s hideout has also be found out and the whole Hi Shin army is hunting for him. This article will through light on Kingdom Chapter 597 spoilers and release date.

This article will be brimming with certain Kingdom spoilers so if you’re a Kingdom fan, avoiding any sort of major or minor spoilers, just stop with this post right here. However, if you’re fine, here we begin.


Kingdom Chapter 596 recap

Kingdom Chapter 597 spoilers and release date

Chapter 596 of Kingdom manga was titled as Chougaryuu’s HQ and it showed Sousa being dead, with the entire army rallying along to seek revenge of his death. Meanwhile, Kyouki is taking a look at the casualties and it turned out that due to Shousa’s heroics, they did not have that many casualties at all.

On the other hand, the news of Chougaryuu’s hideout has spread in Kingdom manga and the unit is being led by Shin towards him. The message of the death of Shousa has been conveyed by Shin in his shoulder which made them extra focussed on capturing and killing Chougaryuu. However, will fans come across a twist here?

Kingdom chapter 597 spoilers

Kingdom 597 spoilers release date

Now let’s head to Kingdom Chapter 597 spoilers. The upcoming chapter number 597 of Kingdom will see Chougaryuu receiving one last blow. Shin has already triumphed in the battle and Chougaryuu and his unit are being chased upon by the Shin and unite like hungry animals looking for food. The death of Shousa has gotten them all energetic and Chougaryuu will try throwing a lot at them at this stage but we don’t think it will be enough.

However, there could be a twist in the whole tale if someone saves Chougaryuu which will serve as the perfect ingredients for the next epic battle.

Kingdom Chapter 597 release date

The next chapter of Kingdom manga will come out on April 14.

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