Kim Jong Un Death Confirmed Official Announcement from North Korea will be Out Soon

Kim Jong Un is rumored to be dead for the past few days and it seems that it will be confirmed soon. The 36-year-old North Korean dictator was extremely ill over the past few months and his heart surgery was not that successful at all. The Supreme Leader was reported to get into a brain dead state, acting like a vegetable and the final attempts to save him went in vain as Kim finally died.

There have been several Japanese and Chinese news sources confirming the death of Kim Jong Un and it is speculated that North Korea is waiting to control the situation before making an official announcement. Kim Yo Jong, the little sister of Kim Jong Un could be the next Supreme Leader of North Korea as per most of the sources.

Kim Jong Un is Reported Dead by Major News Sources

Kim Jong Un is Reported Dead by Major News Sources 

Kim Jong Un has been reported dead by major solid sources including a vice-director from a Hong Kong based broadcast company. The vice director who is also the niece of the Chinese foreign minister shared the news via Weibo with her 15 million followers. There is also a Japanese news portal which confirms that the dictator is dead.

Kim Jong Un has not made any public appearance for the past few weeks and he even missed out on his grandfather’s birthday ceremony which is one of the biggest holidays in North Korea. There is also a doctor in China who claims he was on the medical team that was sent to Kim Jong Un and reported that the botched heart surgery is responsible for the Supreme Leaders’ death.

 New Supreme Leader of North Korea after Kim’s Death

 New Supreme Leader of North Korea after Kim's Death

Kim Yo Jong could be the next Supreme Leader of North Korea after Kim Jong Un’s death as she is the first successor in terms of hierarchy. It is speculated that the official announcement from the capital city of Pyongyang after a few days as they take some time to transfer the powers so that there is no civil unrest in the country. There are also rumors that Kim Yo Jung has been promoted to higher ranks in North Korea’s administration and will soon take over as the next Supreme Leader.

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