Jean Piaget, a very well-known pioneer of child development in Switzerland thought that children weren’t capable of having a true concept of God. They just thought of him as a magical version of their parents. The view that children under 10 years of age are unable to formulate an abstract conceptual framework demanded an adequate concept of God has been supported by more recent studies.

A teacher asked her students to write a letter to God. The little ones put their naive notion of the supreme being on full display by writing innocent messages.

The letters would have gone under the radar, but a Twitter user @GospelJosiah obtained them and shared them.


1. Wow. That’s something!


2. One of the most correct statements out there.


3. Maybe he’ll get hairy enough to pet.


4. Very profound.


5. He probably sneezed while making it.


6. Pretty sure the devil be pleased.


7. This is purely adorable.


8. Is this even the handwriting of a third grader?


9. Lord Jesus must be excited to see the new shoes!


10. Gotta love this kid.


11. He will learn it someday.


12. A very good question.


13. To the ends of time.


14. Love is always okay.


15. This kid has sorted his priorities.


16. That’s some fancy handwriting for a kid.


17. Everything and everyone.


18. He has an invisible cloak on.


19. Susan’s got a point though.


20. Nice cursive, Danny.


21. Our god is an awesome god.