I’m not going to lie to you, Halloween is my favorite opportunity. This is especially true because I didn’t grow up with it. When I was a kid, I couldn’t go to trick or treat.

So when I came to Canada, I was surprised at how much fun the whole show was for the kids. After all, they get a chance to cosplay their favorite characters and trick or treats. What couldn’t you love?


1. This kid dressed as Superman.

This is a great example of how all kids can enjoy Halloween. In my book, this boy is a superman. Do not you think so? Oh, that’s really great.


2. This kid dressed as a Cabbage patch.

I must admit that I didn’t have a cabbage patch doll. I grew up in Europe, so it wasn’t popular in Europe. But here it still entertains me to see how mom makes this cute outfit for her daughter.


3. This kid is dressed as the Ace Ventura.

Jim Carrey’s Ace Ventura is a pretty character. Am I right? So it’s really nice to see how this little girl is trying to channel it. Don’t you think she did a good job here? Yeah yeah, it’s very cute.


4. This kid dressed as the Minister of Silly Walks.

Speaking of characters, there is another one here. This young woman here has undoubtedly nailed the overall attitude of the “Minister of Silly Walks” idea here. John Cleese will be very proud of her.

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5. This baby Yoda though.

This boy had a wonderful entrance to this world. He was born in 25 weeks. So, I think the devoted nurse made a cute “Baby Yoda” costume that comes to mind here, and it’s very sweet.


6. This kid is dressed as Boba Fett.

Speaking of Star Wars, here’s another great costume for you. I can’t believe there are parents who really get in the way to make their children’s Halloween dreams come true. I’ll probably suck at this DIY, haha!


7. Funny version of Boba Fett.

Well, the last one for Star Wars fans. What if someone in a Mandalorian costume gives you a panda’s head? Of course, you will be a Panderolian. I can’t stop laughing about this.


8. The Top Gun kids.

Moving on to another movie genre. This is one of my favorite 80’s movies, it’s for sure. These two are a perfect fit for the Top Gun Academy. Do not you think so? Something tells me that Maverick and Goose will approve it, lol.


9. This Eclipse armor though.

Let’s applaud this talented parent again. This time around, they’ve created a child-safe weapon from Netflix’s Trollhunters. How do people come up with such a thing? I really want to know, haha!

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10. This kid is surely an adorable Assistant.

This guy has a complete understanding of the task and is the perfect assistant to the regional director. Do not you think so? I hope he will maintain this sense of humor until he grows up. Who knows what he will come up with someday?


11. That’s one scary duo.

Oh, dear. What’s happening here? Now let’s talk about the elephant in the room. This girl was dressed like a headless girl while her sister was dressed as a butcher. This is a great scene.


12. A little trooper here.

This little child was also born in 25 weeks. The child’s parents made a very suitable Halloween outfit for him. I sincerely hope that their wish for him to return home for Christmas last year has come true.


13. This clown though.

Who is afraid of clowns? Raise your hand. I admit it first. But the only exception is such a great outfit. It’s scary and cute, isn’t it?


14. This cute li’l grandma.

Oh my God. Isn’t this the cutest thing you’ve ever seen? If you’ve ever thought your child was more like their parents than you, it would be an idea to pick it up, hi-hi. She must look like her grandmother.

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15. This child is a Predator.

This outfit here is really special. In fact, a mother crocheted a perfect outfit for her son. And when I hear this, it glows even in the dark. I mean, really? I can’t knit to save my life, and she’s able to do that? Wow!


16. Junior Freddie Mercury.

Who would you choose if you had to dress your child like a celebrity? This person chose Freddie Mercury, and I think the decision was right. Do not you think so? I’m crazy about it.


17. Junior Colonel Sanders.

What costume do you need to bring with you a bucket all the time? Well, it’s nothing but Colonel Sanders, haha! Not only does it look beautiful, but it’s also very convenient for sweets.


18. Two little Rascals.

How do you come up with a unique wardrobe idea that two kids can share? That’s right. Everything is fun and a game, but until you run in different directions, ha!


All these kids’ Halloween costumes are just incredible.