This is r/EntitledKids. People share their stories about the spoiled children they encounter.

There’s a whole wide range of behaviors of spoiled-ness. Here are some of the most upvoted posts from the subreddit:


1. Just hilarious and priceless.


2. The look on that kid’s face though.


3. “Nice try, kid!”


4. Nice parenting.


5. That’s some appalling parenting.


6. Such a liar!


7. Another reason to love cats over humans.


8. This kid needs help.

9. The award was beautifully deserved.


10. They clearly shouldn’t own a fish.


11. You live only one life. Sometimes a very short one.


12. Lucky that Amazon has a return policy.


13. “Sociopath”


14. That’s called an own goal.


15. Some kids are just hopeless.


16. Should’ve just blocked the kid’s number and moved on.


17. Drop her off at the police station.


18. Wow. Just wow.


19. Make them pick up that trash!


20. Time to call the police.


21. Pretty sure the family feels the same way for the kid.


22. That’s like rewarding her bad behavior.


23. Where are the parents?!


24. Put that T.V. in his bedroom.


25. Such an entitled brat.


26. Just be mature and reply “lol”.


27. Disneyland is also F cking expensive.


28. Karma always has its eye on us.


29. Choosey beggar in making.


30. Clearly British.