Khabib vs Poirier at UFC 242 was a fight that everyone was waiting for – and when it finally happened, it was an interesting bout. Men of two different styles clashed and the result was as expected: Khabib’s streak got extended to 28-0-0. He is now the Undisputed Lightweight Champion in UFC. However, the post-match shenanigans came as a surprise! For a couple of seconds, the fans were scared and so was Dana White.

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Let us take a closer look at what happened towards the end of UFC 242.

Dana White Scared At UFC 242 Ending?

UFC 242’s ending was very similar to the way UFC 229 ended. After his opponent tapped out, Khabib Nurmagomedov jumped the cage! Now this is something that brings back some unpleasant memories. However, Khabib wanted to add a twist to what happened at UFC 229. Instead of attacking anyone, this time when he jumped the cage, he straight-up hugged Dana White.

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This was a really amazing moment and people who have followed Khabib over the years know this was indeed a callback to his UFC 229 fight against McGregor.

Khabib vs Poirier: What Went Down?

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The Khabib vs Poirier match at UFC 242 was more or less in firm control of Khabib Nurmagomedov. He took Poirier down to the mat and started a ground-and-pound attack, followed by multiple submission attempts. There was only one time that Poirier looked like he had a slight edge – when he held Khabib in a Guillotine. However, the match ended when Khabib made Poirier tap out to the rear-naked choke. Is Khabib vs Tony Ferguson Next?

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