We bet KFC China thought no one would find out what they were up to but BLACKPINK fans did. But did they really think that copying a video that has over 880 million views would slip right through without anyone noticing it?

Yes, that’s right. An advertisement from KFC China shows quite a lot of similarity with the music video of the song ‘DDU-DU DDU-DU’. This song is from the South-Korean girl band BLACKPINK and is a very popular K-Pop song. Because K-Pop has been very popular in recent times, this video has 880 million views.

Fans identify Plagiarism

This news was brought to the attention of the general media by the fans of BLACKPINK. BLACKPINK’s fandom is called Blink. So ‘Blinks’ around the world noticed the similarity between the two videos and were quick to figure out what had happened.

BLACKPINK song allegedly copied by KFC China

KFC China, BLACKPINK and Controversies

KFC China’s new drink called the ‘Queen Mojito’ released with its own ad video. After this. the viewers quickly noticed that the video looked very similar to something they had already seen.

The similarities between the two videos are too clear and obvious to ignore. From the setting of the shots to the expressions of the models to the colour scheme to exact scenes, everything looks copied.

KFC hasn’t responded to this yet so guess we’ll probably have to wait and see what the have to say about this.

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