BLACKPINK is going to be the first female K-Pop group that will perform at Coachella. This historic move is a big moment for both Coachella and BLACKPINK.

After the announcement of the Coachella lineup for 2019 on Thursday, the headliners have already confirmed that Childish Gambino, Tame Impala and Ariana Grande will be performing at the event. These headliners have already made everyone excited about the event and now we need a moment to take in the other big news.

BLACKPINK’s performance at Coachella is definitely going to be huge. It will also serve as the U.S. debut for the group. This will be the second time for Coachella to have a K-Pop group performance.

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Paul Tollett, Coachella’s founder, specially visited BLACKPINK and went to South Korea last year to invite them. This definitely shows that everyone is trying their level best to help the group become huge at various levels of the music industry.

The fans took notice of the huge news and took to Twitter to share their excitement with the world. Eugene Lee Yang tweeted,

I’ve loved K-pop since the 90s. I’ve pushed for it in my content. I’ve had countless chats with music insiders about its Western breakthrough, which has been happening the past few years. BLACKPINK playing Coachella is hugely significant. The locals have no idea what’s coming.

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Another fan noticed that BLACKPINK is going to make their U.S. debut in such a short time and that too at Coachella. It is a true victory for the group. Coachella is the most popular and biggest music festival and they couldn’t have imagined anything better than this.

BLACKPINK is already at a God Tier level. It has only been two years since they entered the industry and have released nine songs till now. They are already at a powerful level.

Source: Teen Vogue, Buzz Feed

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