Kellyanne Conway’s daughter posts ‘last tweet’ after being kicked off social media

Kellyanne Conway’s teenage daughter says her parents are kicking her offline. After, she playfully trolled her parents on social media platforms like Twitter and TikTok. So, in her last tweet, she mentioned that her parents were forcing her to delete the social media account.

She further added, “Love you all so much. keep fighting” for her nearly 118,000 followers. When one of the person expressed outrage in the comments section, she responded “#saveclaudiaconway.”

The social media ban for the girl came after the teen trolled her parents online. She live-streamed a confrontation with her mother, a counselor to President Trump, on TikTok. She further told that her father was a conservative Trump critic George Conway, on Twitter.

Claudia posted a wave of Anti-Trump tweets and pro-Black Lives Matter content on her TikTok account.

She also wrote in a tweet that her parents, particularly her mom was trying to shut her. Also, she wanted her to delete her social media account.

Claudia playfully trolls her parents on social media

However, her mom had previously said that she supports her daughter’s independent expressions. Her dad apparently allowed her to give interviews to various media houses. But, on Friday, he reversed course his statement.

As he wrote on Twitter that he and his wife didn’t give consent to any of their four kids to communicate with any journalists.

Kellyanne Conway's daughter Claudia

The contradictory views of the family have left everybody stunned. And putting a ban on Clovia’s use of social media is evidence in itself.

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