Sources have heard that Kelly Osbourne is about to give birth to a son.

We’ve heard that the star has gone to the hospital and that she and Slipknot member Sid Wilson are about to have a baby.

Sources say that they plan to call him Sid, after his father.

“She’s doing well,” said an insider.

Friends of Osbourne hope that the birth will be the start of a new part of her life.

The reality star and TV personality have had problems with drugs for a long time, and in 2021, she relapsed.

In October, she was getting ready for the last few weeks of her pregnancy, and she also celebrated her first year of not drinking.

“If you would have told me 365 days ago that I would be sober, happy, and about to be a mumma I would have laughed in your face,” Osbourne wrote on Instagram. “Life is truly amazing when you do the work. Thank you to everyone that has supported me on this journey.”

She later said on “The Red Table Talk” on Facebook, “I feel very blessed that this didn’t happen before because I wouldn’t have been sober and sane. Because you can be sober, but not sane. Sanity is what I’m most grateful for.”

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Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne also seemed to feel better when they thought about the new baby.

In June, the rock god had major surgery to realign pins in his head and neck. Recently, Sharon told sources how sad she was when she was kicked off “The Talk.”

“Kelly is big and she’s beautiful and I love it,” Ozzy said in an interview in July. “The first thing that I’m gonna buy is a microphone,” he told “ET” of a gift he plans to give him.

Kelly told People that she wanted to keep the baby’s gender a secret, but that “my dad has f—— told everybody. Because he’s so excited.”

Through her brother Jack, they already have four grandchildren.

Kelly’s representative didn’t get back to us.