Kawhi Leonard trade Toronto Raptors LA Clippers NBA MVP 2019

Kawhi Leonard, after being named as the MVP of 2019 NBA finals has become the top free agent available. It’s not the first time Leonard has won the title, but in 2014 he was a part of already dominant San Antonio Spurs. Making the Toronto Raptors win the finals, has given Leonard totally new fame.

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Every team in the NBA is ready to have him and pay a good salary. But the thing is Kawhi Leonard can’t decide what to do. Between the Toronto Raptors and the LA Clippers, Leonard is unable to pick a name.

Re-sign with Toronto Raptors

Kawhi in Raptors NBA trade free agent As of right now, Kawhi Leonard is in the final year of his agreement with the Toronto Raptors. The Canadian team still owes him a $21.3 million, which would have been decent earlier. But now the Raptors are even ready to offer him a max five-year contract of $190 million.

The team dynamics of Leonard and other players have gotten stronger, and they can even win the next finals. The Raptors are also planning to bring in some other star players to take some load off of Kawhi Leonard. It might be the best deal for him, as he would be much respected in the Raptors.

Go to Home team LA Clippers

Clippers NBA trade free agent Kawhi Leonard

At the same time, Kawhi Leonard has expressed his desire to return home to South California. The two major teams of Los Angeles, the Clippers and the Lakers know this very well. Most of the reports put Leonard with the LA Clippers, as it seems actually possible.

The Lakers already got the Anthony Davis trade deal at such a high price; they can’t afford Kawhi Leonard. Even most of the hints and insider news has been linking Leonard and the Clippers together. The ultimate decision lies in Kawhi Leonard’s hand, where he sees a better future for himself.