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NBA Trade: LA Clippers scared Kawhi Leonard might join New York Knicks amid free agency rumours

Kawhi Leonard NBA Trade Free Agency LA Clippers

Kawhi Leonard is coming off a storming season with the Toronto Raptors in the NBA. He was easily one of the best players for the Raptors in a season where they picked up their very first NBA title. He even won the MVP trophy for the NBA Finals.


While he is enjoying his championship win with his team right now, he will soon have to shift attention to his future, in particular, his free agency. There have been a lot of rumors as to where Kawhi Leonard will head to next- with the Los Angeles Clippers being the top destination right now.

All Eggs in one basket for the Clippers

The Clippers though are worried. Rumors are that Kawhi Leonard is also looking at the New York Knicks. And when the Clippers are putting all their eggs in one basket, doing all they can to land Leonard, they cannot afford the Raptors star to move to the Knicks instead.

Kawhi Leonard NBA Trade Free Agency LA Clippers

ESPN’s Brian Windhorst explains further why the Clippers are hyperventilating right now. They are scared at the prospect of Kawhi Leonard joining the New York Knicks instead.

Kawhi to stay at the Raptors on a short term deal

However, explaining further, Brian Windhorst said that Kawhi would likely stay at the Raptors on a short term deal. A one plus one deal is likely. And if that doesn’t pan out, his next option is a move to the LA Clippers.

Kawhi Leonard Free Agent Kawhi Leonard Free Agency Kawhi Leonard Free Agency Kawhi Leonard Free Agency Kawhi Leonard Free AgencyNBA LA Clippers, NY Knicks, LA Lakers and Toronto Raptors

Kawhi is allowed to meet with teams come June 30th. And once the moratorium ends on July 6th, he will be allowed to sign as a contract. And knowing how private a person Leonard is, it is unlikely that we will know where he is headed before an agreement is announced!

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