Wow, the Middletons must be wealthy.

We all know Kate Middleton was very fashionable before she wed Prince William and joined the British royal family on a temporary basis, so what is unexpected? How much money Kate was reportedly worth before she was named the Duchess of Cambridge and became the proud owner of several tiaras

While Kate’s personal fortune obviously can’t compete with the royal family’s estimated $28 billion (yes, with a B) worth, her pre-duchess wealth is greater than some other royals currently have in the bank.


Kate’s family has got a lot of money.

Carole and Michael Middleton, the parents of Kate Middleton, became self-made millionaires through their business, Party Pieces, which sells adorable party supplies to hosts. Party Pieces was estimated to be worth around £30 million as of 2013, and despite a purported pandemic loss of £1.068 million, it is still incredibly popular.

Kate not only served as the model for Party Pieces—Carole claims she came up with the concept while organizing Kate’s fifth birthday party—but she also worked for the company prior to becoming a member of the royal family. Pippa wrote our “Party Times” blog, James made the cakes when he first left school, and Catherine created our first birthday and baby category, according to Carole, who spoke to SheerLuxe. To put it another way, it appears likely that Kate is involved in the family business.

She also has some generational wealth because, according to Celebrity Net Worth, “multiple generations of the Middleton family have also benefited from trust funds set up over a century ago.” Surely nice!



Kate and her sister Pippa resided in an apartment before getting married to William that is thought to be worth well over £1 million. Their parents bought the apartment for them. Once more, must be nice!


In addition, there is all of Prince William’s wealth.

Kate and William currently share their finances because the royal family doesn’t typically use prenuptial agreements. William is also well-armed. In addition to receiving a multimillion trust fund from his great-grandmother the Queen Mother, Wills also received a $10 million after-tax inheritance from Princess Diana (to be split with Prince Harry). William and Kate also receive compensation for their roles as “working royals.”

The financial benefits of William inheriting the Duchy of Cornwall include a sizable portfolio of real estate and financial investments worth a combined £1.2 billion.

Prince George will inherit the Duchy once William is crowned king, so William won’t have to worry about losing money. He’ll be busy inheriting the monarch’s $10 billion in real estate, the Royal Art Collection, a $12.9 million yearly government stipend, and (possibly) the Queen’s $500 million personal fortune, though this money may also be designated for other royals. Kate is prepared for the future, so there!



According to Celebrity Net Worth, Kate has a personal net worth of $10 million, which is significantly less than that of her sister Pippa Middleton (who has a net worth of $50 million thanks in part to her husband’s extremely wealthy family) but significantly more than that of some other royals, such as Princess Eugenie, who has a net worth of $4.6 million. My 2005 DVD collection continues to be my only source of income.