It is not the first time that the Princess of Wales has worn the ornate necklace for a significant occasion like this one.

On Monday, September 19, Catherine, Princess of Wales, attended the state funeral for her grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II, wearing a stunning pearl necklace that had previously belonged to the monarch.

The stunning four-strand choker, which features a diamond clasp and pearls that were reportedly given to Elizabeth by the Japanese government as a gift, has been something of a relic in the royal family for quite some time. Both the queen and the late Princess Diana wore the stunning piece at various points in their lives.

Kate Middleton wore the choker not only when she attended the funeral of the Queen, but also when she attended the funeral of the Queen’s late husband, Prince Philip, which took place a year ago. She wore a face mask, a pair of pearl and diamond earrings, and a black fascinator with it at the time due to the coronavirus policies that were in effect at the time.

In 2017, when Kate attended a dinner to celebrate the queen and prince Philip’s 70th wedding anniversary, she was also photographed wearing the piece. The dinner was held in honor of the royal couple.

When the queen possessed the necklace, she was known to don it for a number of important events. A photograph taken in 1983 in Bangladesh shows her donning it while attending a royal engagement there.

The year was 1982, and the event was a royal banquet held at Hampton Court Palace. Diana, the mother of Prince William and Prince Harry, wore the necklace.

The choker is a further symbol of the connection between Kate and Diana. The woman formerly known as Kate Middleton is the first person to use the title Princess of Wales since Diana passed away in 1997. (Camilla, the queen consort, was presented with the opportunity to accept the title, but she declined to do so.)

It is not the first time that Kate has worn jewelry in memory of her late grandmother-in-law and paid tribute to her. This past week, she was photographed wearing a large pearl brooch that had previously belonged to the queen, and over the weekend, she was seen wearing a pearl necklace with three strands that had been gifted to her by the monarch. During the same public appearance, Kate paid tribute to two generations of royal women by wearing a pair of earrings that had belonged to Diana in the past.