After the Queen passed away on September 8, the Sussexes stayed in the UK to be with the family.

The tragic loss of Queen Elizabeth II, which befell the British royal family on September 8, appears to have widened the chasm between brothers Prince William and Prince Harry. On September 10, the two princes were spotted together outside Windsor Castle with their respective wives, Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle.

People who had come to honor their late grandmother were seen interacting with the reunited “Fab Four.” Additionally, they could be seen admiring the flowers and cards that had been left outside the castle for the Queen. The four royals’ sighting together may have warmed many hearts, but some people couldn’t help but draw comparisons between the Princess of Wales and the Duchess of Sussex.

Catherine’s admirers complimented her sassy appearance while making fun of Meghan. Someone tweeted, “Kate looks so elegant, confident and charismatic, as does her husband. I realized that people’s charisma will be lost when they’re too submissive to romantic relationships.” Another wrote, “William & Kate have a healthy relationship & Kate is confident in her own skin. That goofy needy Meg needs to hang on for dear life to Harry!! She is out of her element and she knows it!! Harry made a BIG mistake.” A third noted, “It just how clingy, controlling & desperate Megain is. She has to be attached to him every second so she can control his every move aka abusive relationship. Whereas Kate is a strong confident woman who does not need or want to control her husband aka healthy relationship.”

Together with her husband, Kate exudes an air of elegance, confidence, and charisma. I came to understand that when people are overly deferential to romantic relationships, their charisma is lost.

A person pointed out, “Funny I thought Meghan looks so insecure. She was crutching on her husband for reassurance. She seemed out of place. Like a little girl almost saying please don’t let go of me. I don’t know these people. The Princess of Wales walks with confidence and presence of a grown woman!” Another concurred, “Exactly my thoughts, holding onto Harry like a 2 year old. Kate is confident in her role, Meghan is a laughing stick, she is so not royalty.”


Some of the former actress’s detractors question whether or not she is really a feminist. A user stated, “Harry opened the car door for Meghan and returned back to the other side to enter the car. My kind of gentleman,” someone replied, “Thought Meghan was a feminist? 😂 God you people talk some BS.” A third mentioned, “Meghan claims to be a feminist. Isn’t it supposed to be objectifying for a man to open her door as if she can’t do it herself? She does victim really well – oh that’s right, she’s an actress…” “Kate is a true feminist and can open the door herself. meghan is a failed feminist and must rely on a man to open the door,” another tweet read.

A tweet criticizing Meghan stated: “A mature, confident woman doesn’t need to hang off her husband 24/7 like an unwanted appendage. Particularly in professional environments. Feminists certainly don’t behave like that. Meghan’s inability to walk unaided is truly bizarre. #GoHomeMeghanMarkle #DuchessofOverseas.” “Meghan + Harry’s obsessive need to hang off each other like teens at a prom is absolutely toe curling, immature + so unprofessional in a middle aged couple. It’s like she’s physically incapable of walking unaided + just kind of waddles. Such an empowered, confident feminist. Not,” another tweet added.

A strong, independent woman doesn’t need to be attached to her husband constantly like an extra appendage. especially in settings that are professional. Of course, that is not how feminists act. It’s really strange that Meghan can’t walk by herself.

In a middle-aged couple, Meghan and Harry’s obsession with clinging to each other like teenagers at a prom is toe-curlingly childish, immature, and so unprofessional. She kind of waddles as if she is physically unable to walk without assistance. Such a strong, self-assured female. Not.