Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, both of whom say they are worth a billion dollars, have finally settled their divorce. This comes after an ugly public fight that went on for almost two years after they broke up.

The couple has now reached a deal about who gets to keep their four kids, how they will raise them, and how their multimillion-dollar real estate portfolio will be split.

After looking at court documents, a source said on Tuesday that Kardashian, who is 42, will get $200,000 in child support every month. West, 45, and Kardashian, 38, will share joint custody of their four kids: North, 9, Saint, 6, Chicago, 4, and Psalm, 3. They will both have “equal access” to all of them.

According to the source, Kardashian will have primary custody of the children.

Under the terms of the agreement, Kanye West will pay 50 percent of the costs for the four kids’ education and safety.

The outlet says that West and Kardashian agreed to go to mediation if they ever had a disagreement about how to raise their children. If one parent doesn’t show up, the other parent who does will get to decide what to do about the issue at hand.

Every month, the $200,000 payment must be wired into Kim’s account on the first.

According to the prenuptial agreement that West and Kardashian signed before they got married, they both agreed not to get spousal support.

According to the source, as part of the divorce agreement, West agreed to give Kardashian the title to a $4.5 million home in Southern California that is next door to where she lives.

Kardashian will now own the 3,650-square-foot home with five bedrooms. West said he bought the house so he could be closer to his kids. She is expected to tear it down because it needs a lot of work.

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Kim will keep the rights to the $60 million estate she lives in with her kids in Hidden Hills, California, as well as property in Idaho. She will also keep the rights to the house next door.

Kanye West will keep his $60 million beach house in Malibu, his two ranches in Wyoming, 300 acres in Calabasas, California, a home in Belgium, and the house he grew up in Chicago.

Sources told the outlet that Kardashian has tried for a year to get West to agree to a divorce settlement, but he has always refused to “help resolve” the situation.

Kim’s patience was tested, but she handled things calmly and ultimately Kanye came around,

the source told the outlet.

According to the news source, Kardashian’s lawyer, Laura Wasser, was very important in helping the two sides come to a deal.

Kanye West would have had to give a deposition in the case, and the trial would have started next month if they hadn’t come to a deal.

A report from less than two months ago said that West was getting ready to agree to the settlement.

A source reported on October 18 that Kanye’s lawyer had filed a “declaration of disclosure,” which meant that the case was almost over.

According to the papers, Kanye has given his estranged wife’s legal team all of his financial information and agreed with her on how to split their money and property.

The new news comes after Kanye’s latest worrying behavior, which is said to have caused Kim to stay away from him and only talk to him through assistants.

The source says the following about their split:

Typically, in cases of this kind, the disclosure is filed within days or weeks of the final judgment and settlement being filed.

But, as the outlet pointed out, divorcing couples can come to an agreement on everything except who gets custody of their children, which Kanye may continue to fight about.

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In 2014, Kim married Kanye in Florence, Italy, and they had four kids together. In the end, she filed for divorce in February 2021.

During their highly publicized legal battle, Kanye tried to stop Kim from being legally single, but in March 2022, a judge ruled in her favor.

During the divorce, Kanye also went through many lawyers. He recently hired Robert Stephan Cohen, the same lawyer who helped Melinda Gates get a $130 billion divorce from Bill Gates.

Cohen is in New York, and Kanye’s legal separation is happening in Los Angeles. A source says that the rapper has also hired Nicholas A. Salick of Salick Family Law Group, APLC, in Beverly Hills to represent him in California.

In recent months, Kanye’s latest controversies, like his “White Lives Matter” T-shirt and repeated anti-Semitic comments, seem to have made things even worse between him and Kim.

A source says that Kanye’s strange behavior has caused Kim to stay away from him and only talk to him through his assistants.

They have had zero communication in several weeks, and all communication regarding the kids’ schedules are now coordinated through assistants,

an insider told the publication.

Insiders have told the site that Kanye’s recent troubling actions, such as his Tucker Carlson interview, WLM shirts, and anti-Semitic comments, have made Kim very upset.

A source said that Kim “isn’t answering Kanye’s calls” after he caused controversy around the world last week by wearing a black sweatshirt with the WLM slogan on it. This was a response to the “Black Lives Matter” movement, which started in 2013 after George Zimmerman killed Trayvon Martin.

The article said that Kim hasn’t talked to Kanye “directly” in weeks and is focusing on their four young children. In the past, however, the star and her family were there to help the rapper until his mental health got better.

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People who are close to Kanye say they “wish Kim was still around to step in” and are worried that he could lose “a lot of money” during this rough time in his life.

West’s repeated comments about anti-Semitism hurt his career, and on October 25, Adidas cut ties with him because of his behavior.

Foot Locker and Gap also said they would stop selling Yeezy, and big names in fashion like Vogue distanced themselves from the rapper-turned-fashion designer.

West’s talent agency, CAA, dropped him, and MRC, which was making a documentary about him, put it on hold.

Last month, Kanye wore his controversial “White Lives Matter” shirt to the basketball game of his nine-year-old daughter, North. An eyewitness told a source that Kim didn’t talk to or look at her ex, and she even moved her car in the parking lot to avoid him.

Kanye named the private school where her kids go to school on social media, so Kim reportedly paid for more security there.

The source says that the school recently hired extra security as a safety measure, and Kim paid for it.

Another source said that school officials don’t think Kanye is a threat, but they are worried that someone could see his messages and show up on campus.

Their divorce was filed last year in February 2021, and the performer said that the TV personality “basically 80 percent of the time, raise[s] those children.”