It’s 25 years since the movie came out and it’s still exciting. It’s exciting that people are making fun of it. You can find them on the r/jurassicmemes.


1. Don’t even think about it!


2. It’s a modern family.


3. Poor Newman…


4. Does this meme signify truth?


5. All that’s old, is new again.


6. They be biding their time.


7. “Cats” used to be a fun time at the movies.


8. Just can’t argue with this Math right here.


9. The boys are clever.


10. That’s going to be amazing!


11. “It’s there!”


12. A definite upgrade.


13. That’s pretty hot.


14. Raptors with their pro-gamer moves.


15. “A meteor? Hell no…”


16. That’s very beautiful.


17. The Novel isn’t Canon.


18. Dads know how to find a way.


19. “We got Dodgson here!”


20. “Welcome to the Spidcorpion park.”


21. All of them don’t even stack up.


22. That’s just humiliating.


23. When you gotta leave, you gotta leave.


24. They saved it.


25. Poor fella liked playing god.


26. How did it even get to this point?


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27. “Please don’t hurt them, Hammond.”