Joy Behar broke the fourth wall on today’s episode of The View when she talked to the show’s producer, Brian Teta, about how he tried to shut her up and move the show into a commercial break. Behar didn’t hold back at all after coming back from vacation this week, and she didn’t seem to be able to hide her anger in the episode that aired this morning, or she just didn’t try. She made it clear that she didn’t like the guests on the show.

Behar said these things while talking about the Pennsylvania Senate race between John Fetterman and Dr. Oz., “the democrats need to get behind John Fetterman because he’s qualified, and Mehmet Oz is a loser.”

She kept talking while the crowd cheered, saying, “Let’s just talk —” before looking into the crowd with a confused expression.

Behar said, “Brian doesn’t like that I called him a loser.” She was talking about Teta, The View’s executive producer, who quickly spoke up from his spot behind the stage to clarify that he wasn’t upset about what Behar said, but rather how she said it.

“No, I don’t like that we’re out of time,” Teta replied. “We’ve gotta go to break … we can come back.”

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Behar was annoyed, so she put down her notecards and said, “Alright,” with a tight lip purse, to Teta. “Okay,” Behar added. Whoopi Goldberg tried to ease the tension in the room by asking Behar, “Would you like to come back and say what you wanted to say?”

Behar said, “Sure,” and Teta nodded offstage to show that she agreed with what was being said.

Goldberg was happy with how the conflict turned out, but she wasn’t quite ready for the next part of the show. She turned to Teta and said, “I mean, you should actually be sitting up here today!”

The executive producer shook his head hard and said “no,” but to answer Goldberg’s question, he has been more present on The View lately, even though he works behind the scenes. A month ago, Teta got pulled into a segment about sexting when he tried to stop the co-hosts from talking about sending nudes. The subject of the talk was sending nudes.

Teta attempted to put an end to the conversation after Sunny Hostin related her experience of receiving an unsolicited “weenie pic.” Teta was worried that the conversation would keep going in directions that weren’t good for work or school. Behar said to the other hosts by saying, “All right,” Brian is saying, ‘Cut it now,’ Then Behar turned around to face him in the crowd and asked, “Should we go to break, Brian?”

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Teta abruptly put an end to the chitchat and began playing the commercials. He replied, “We’re ready, yeah.”