Sources have confirmed that Johnny Depp is dating Joelle Rich, a married lawyer who represented him in his U.K. defamation trial against a British tabloid for branding him a “wife-beater.” Rich represented Depp when the tabloid was suing him for libel after calling him a “wife-beater.”

According to a source, Rich has ended her relationship with her husband and is in the process of divorcing him. She was not a member of the legal team that represented Johnny Depp in his defamation case against his ex-wife Amber Heard in the state of Virginia; however, she was present for a portion of the six-week trial, which was concluded in June of this year.

The London-based mother of two was seen chatting with the “Pirates of the Caribbean” star on multiple occasions while they were both taking smoke breaks outside of the Fairfax County Circuit Courthouse.

She also stayed with Depp at the Ritz-Carlton in McLean, Virginia, where he was holed up for the trial, and she dined with him and his team on several occasions at The Palm, an upscale steakhouse next door to the five-star hotel, according to another source. Depp was holed up at the Ritz-Carlton in McLean, Virginia, while the trial was taking place.

During Johnny Depp’s defamation trial in Virginia, there were persistent rumors that he was dating attorney Camille Vasquez. However, both Depp and Vasquez were quick to deny the rumors.

The speculation, which had no basis in fact, particularly irritated Vasquez.

“It’s also an unethical charge being made. It’s sexist,” she told People magazine after Depp’s courtroom triumph.

“It’s unfortunate, and it’s disappointing, but, at the same time, it kind of comes with the territory. I can’t say I was all that surprised.”

According to the website for the company, Rich is employed by Schillings, a company based in the United Kingdom that assists high-profile individuals in protecting both their privacy and their reputations.

Even though the attorney and her team were unsuccessful in their legal challenge in the year 2020 in the United Kingdom, the “Black Mass” star didn’t seem to let the loss bother her.

It is unknown how serious the relationship between the two people is or when their romance first started.

A jury in Virginia’s courtroom spectacle that was broadcast nationally decided in favor of Johnny Depp and awarded him a $15 million judgment against Amber Heard for defaming him.

The amount was reduced by Judge Penney Azcarate to 10.35 million dollars. Despite the fact that Heard was awarded $2 million by the jury in her countersuit, the verdict was largely regarded as a decisive victory for Depp, who has enjoyed a professional renaissance in the months since the case was decided.

Depp and Heard have both stated that they intend to lodge an appeal.