Jessica Jones season 3 trailer

Jessica Jones will return for the third and final season. The season trailer is already out which made some stunning revelations. As per the season trailer, a deadly villain will be the end of Jessica’s life.

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Jessica Jones season 3 trailer hints Jessica’s death by a new villain

So far, Jessica Jones has managed to evade death as the misunderstood and down-to-earth superhero, but will season 3 bring an end to it? The Netflix series features a superhero who has human characteristics which we don’t see in comic books often. Even though the show got positive reviews for the second season, Netflix has decided to cut back the Marvel collection.

Jessica Jones season 3 release date trailer cast

As the show is about to reach its conclusion, is it likely that the villain Gregory Salinger (Jeremy Bobb) will be the end of Jessica. The foolkiller Salinger is all set to come after Jessica and Trish Walker. He may not be wearing a costume as mentioned in the Marvel comics, but he is definitely a threat to them. In the trailer, we see Salinger call Jessica and said,

You were given every advantage. You have no discipline, just brute force.

Jessica Jones season 3 release date trailer cast
Credits: Entertainment Weekly

Salinger’s words make Jessica question herself. He even tells her that he wants her to die. Jessica doesn’t take him lightly. She knows that he is a real threat and way smarter than she and Trish combined.

The trailer ends with some haunting words for Jessica. Fan favorite Jessica is definitely in a lot of trouble this season. The showrunner and series creator Melissa Rosenberg also revealed that Salinger is deeply scarred. Everything about Jessica offends him as he has worked really hard for everything in his life. The fans will only get to see him in the third or fourth episode of the show.