Jay Leno can’t and won’t stop. He’s back on the road less than two weeks after he was badly burned in a car fire, and his first stop is the same garage where it happened.

On Tuesday, the comedian drove himself to his Burbank garage, where most of his famous cars are kept. He still had scars on his face and hand from the accident.

As he pulled up to the gate, he briefly talked to photographers and told them that he’d be back onstage telling jokes as soon as this weekend.

He also makes jokes about a much-needed BBQ. Too soon, Jay!

Leno was working on an old car with a clogged fuel line when he got sprayed with gasoline, which caught fire and burned him. Jay was lucky that his friend was there to put out the fire and save his life.

Jay got out of the Grossman Burn Center on Monday after getting care there for nine days. In pictures with the staff, he seemed to be in good spirits.

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